Oberon’s lament

Oberon explains his influence over 3 catalytic characters from some of Shakespeare’s plays. An excerpt from an original play: ‘Cubed’

Prologue; Oberon’s lament

Look thou there, what dost thou see?
A Man, a Monster, a Wizard? Or a Whisp?
But in the blink of an eye, it could all be missed.
1…2…3. 1 – 2 – 3!

I beg of you all a spell, a moment in time;
And I’ll break your schemic rhythm of rhyme.
Wilt thou not listen and but observe a short while.
Ask I not for forgiveness, ‘tis indeed not my trial.
Nor not to forget, not a smile, not a tear,
Nor to learn more of me than you see here.

I mean only to take you on a journey. Wilt thou tarry?
Even in rags, ‘tis some fortune I carry.
Lend me your ears and we will transcend time,
Now to my story, I am done with this rhyme.

I was once a king – A King, a lover and husband and a good man.
Yet – you seem to trust me not – No matter. All will transpire with time.
I pray you, embrace my tale if only with a lighthearted eye.

In recognition of me and the learning of my name – you will think you know my tale.
But here I offer an alteration, the chaos behind the exquisite – look upon
Our documented lives in a new light and think on, look further than
The narrative you were fed and look for the mechanics – who drives it?
Who fixes, who removes and amends. Wilt thou come with me – my friends?

My downfall – my transition from power and prowess to pauper and pain;
‘Tis the fallout of a coven, my three beautiful witches.
‘Tis indeed poetical, all three cursed with a broken heart,
Suffering by their own flaws; empathy, guilt and illusion.
Broken and lost were they when I found them – wandering in a wilderness of self-destruction.

Puck – long acquainted with me, lost sight of what was before her
And acted under the illusion of love – a pattern which was inevitable to repeat
Itself in time. Iago – so strong and cold, yet clever and powerful; she was the cause
Of her own heartbreak – the jealousy, the obsession and the final betrayal.
Finally; the handsome Viola – lost her brother at sea and her father before him;
Her path of destruction lead in the empathy with others, opening her heart
To be the cause of her own sorrow.
These divine creatures I took into my power and made work of them,
They became enslaved to my purpose and like a viper turned.
Travel with me. Ha! Like you have a choice… you are here with me now…
It’s time to take a turn about this realm.

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