An excerpt from a monologue as part of my ‘Cabaret of Confessions’ suite.

Courage? What is courage?
It’s survival,  I guess.
I survived you.


Heartbreak can be full of emptiness.
So empty you’re full of it.
Overwhelming; energy in absence, anger, tears.
I used mine, did  you?

In a passion of bad timing and good intentions my life changed… I guess I just didn’t know it yet

We were on a journey neither of us understood;
A compulsion, driven to see it through, whatever it was.

You completed your journey without me,
Disappeared before the end.
Yet I’m compelled to forgive you because I hope.

I don’t hope you come back to me,
I hope my journey alone will be worth this tiresome pain

I confess my delight in surviving you.
But my full story is far from a delight.

Are you ready?
Do you have the courage?
Enjoy, dear heart…

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