My ‘welcome’ post

It’s been a long time coming this has.

A big, beautiful and warm welcome to all my new blog followers, thank you.

This is a place where I’ll be posting and, eventually, selling some of my work, from poetry to sketches, digital prints to one off paintings and digital sketchnoted work. I hope you enjoy my art, photography, scribbles and my occasional musings.

There will be times where I have nothing new to post so will be promoting old work, at other times there may be lots of new things all flying up here at once, s’just the way I work. Those of you who’ve followed me on Twitter already will know that this is the case. To be honest I won’t tend to promote other people’s work here but will continue to do so on Twitter.

I also run a #scribblersSoundtrack playlist on Spotify – of which some of you lovely Twitter folk have already asked – yes it is an existing, actual, real playlist and you can listen to it if you fancy, or not if you don’t. It’s a little self indulgent of me, but I find it’s a nice platform for sharing some of my fave tracks or most inspirational artists – for both writing and sketching.

Any way, enjoy,
And many happy scribbles to you all!

Josie x

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