TED talks for design

I’ll be sharing some of my favourite TED talks about design, creativity and design thinking.

To start here’s just a couple of folks I think are definitely worth following/checking out 🙂

  • Don Norman
  • Roman Mars
  • Pod cast : 99 percent invisible
  • Mike Rohde
  • Sunny Brown

TED TALK #1 (12:41)

3 ways good design makes you happy : Don Norman

TED TALK #2 (18:18)

Why city flags may be the worst-designed thing you’ve never noticed : Roman Mars

TED TALK #3 (7:25)

How play leads to great inventions : Steven Johnson

If you’ve never done ‘Drawing toast’ , its a great way of getting outside of your problem; a ‘10,000 ft view’ and getting those who don’t normally put pen to paper to begin to think visually. I like to use it as a warm up for sketchnoting workshops too, getting people used to being succinct and focused.


Got a wicked problem? First, tell me how you make toast : Tom Wujec

A nice watch, some nice points about small things, being creative and some everyday design awareness

TED TALK #5 (14:10)

Design in the details : Paul Bennett


Josie x

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