TED talks for Sketchnoting practice

TED talks are a great way to practice Sketchnoting and building up (if you want to) a personal visual glossary of reusable images, icons, connectors and typography.

I’ll be sharing a variety of talk lengths, some 5mins and some 40mins plus.

Personally I find the shorter talks good for speed but can feel a bit panicky if you try and capture everything first time through; as the nature of some of the 5/10 minute talks are to be a quick or concise version of a slightly longer talk.

But in my experience with the workshops some people love this high-speed practice because it stops them worrying about “what do I draw?” Or “I’m not an artist” because they just have to get on with it. It’s a great way of just getting pen to paper.

TED TALK #1 (9:18)

5 dangerous things you should let your kids do : Gever Tulley

TED TALK #2 (12:41)

3 ways good design makes you happy : Don Norman

Using talks with a set number of things helps you gage a framework such as “there are 8 key things I’m listening for” and you can anticipate a good use of space – some people find it useful to divvy up their page before they start watching, if they know this upfront.

TED TALK #3 (3:30)

8 secrets of success : Richard St.John
(a very speedy one – but nice and clear)

TED TALK #4 (5:50)

Doodlers, unite! : Sunni Brown

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