Moving on

I just didn’t find the courage
I just couldn’t find the words
I didn’t have the notion
I couldn’t foresee the hurt
Now I see you everyday
And we have to act like it’s all okay

I just didn’t understand it
I couldn’t stop you fading
Now I see you every day
Both of us masquerading
Hiding behind excuses, it hurts
Each day I’m tripping over your words

I just don’t know why you left
I couldn’t find a way to reach you
Now I have to see you every day
I’m stuck dancing my words around you
You’re sending mixed signals, I’m lost
I know you can’t want me; too high a cost

The others start to notice
The others know something’s changed
I have to see you every day
We’re going through the motions; estranged
I don’t want to be like this any more
So these are my last steps through this door

Goodbye, you were my friend
You were so much more, you see
So happy, I loved you
You just disappeared on me
So I’m shaking up and moving on
Hopeful you’ll find kindness again before I’m gone

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