Hold tight

A poem about moving on when you’ve fallen in love with your best friend and you’re trying to hold on to an amicable break up.

I’m shifting gear
I’m taking a turn
I’m moving on
I’ll finally learn
To push you away
To walk into my space
The love I have
Needs its own place

I can’t hold you
I can’t have you
I can’t even say I miss you
But I need you
And I love you
And I remember how I kissed you

Hold tight
And hang on
As I’m changing route
I’m feeling strong
Hold on
As I make my move
I’m afraid you’ll choke me
As I remember our love

I can’t need you
I can’t have you
But I wish that I could like you
I still want you
I still love you
But now it feels like I don’t know you

Hang tight
Hold on
I’m leaving
I’ll be gone
I don’t know how
I can leave you behind
I don’t know if
There’s a friendship to find

I can’t have you
I can’t need you
Sometimes I can’t even be near
But I love you
Always will do
I think, I’ll hold you in these tears

But I’m stepping out
I’m thinking to change
Not repeat my mistakes
But not estranged
I don’t want to lose you
Not everything
But I have to get space
I have to begin

I love you
As a friend
I need to pretend
I miss you
But can’t say it
It’s time for this to end
Hold tight

It’s time
This heart
Is mine

Hold tight

My friend

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