Synthetic synergy

There are clarifying moments
Synthetic synergies
With song lyrics
Film scripts
Or television series
Where characters
Shout your truth
There are bizarre moments

Energised empathies
With song writers, characters
Or moments in a scene
Where writers
Shout cut to your core
Sobering moments

Synthetic synergies
Lyrics, scripts
Even characters
Reflect your moment
Speaking your truth
Articulate where you lack
There are clarifying moments

Synthetic synergies
Where art exposes your desire
Or your fear
Where the artificially articulate
Hit home
In these moments

Synthetic synergies
Be it lyrics, scripts, art
Or characters
In a split second
Your truth
Is exposed
Vulnerable, cold
In that moment

You take hold of your heartbeat
As it knocks at your ribs
And alone
Yet in collusion
With the artificial
There are brutal moments

Synthetic synergies
Shout your truth
Feeling foolish
Or hopeful
Lost in the comfort of collusion
Reality hits

These moments
Reflect your truth;
Only to you
Sympathising with you
It hurts
Yet heals
Cuts deep
But offers hope

This synthetic synergy
You cocoon yourself in
Hold onto your real
As long as you can
But learn from these
To begin again

Take hold of your truth
Steps with your feet
N’take hold of your heart
Admit your defeat
Let it go
Walk away
A hopeful future

Not today
Hold that moment
The turning point
A coda in your life;
As you take all these
Turn them into delights
In pain, time

For those that truly matter
And those that really care
Will grab hold of your heartstrings
And follow your where-
Ever you land
A skip and a jump

From their heart to yours
Not today
Not tomorrow
Or even next year
But those of true value

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I’ve been an avid reader and scribbler for years but only recently started thinking about publishing my work.
I’ve always enjoyed writing and have, since 2008, been producing scripts for theatre as my main focus of writing, but always scribbling poems, songs and short stories for fun, and/or catharsis. I’m also a keen sketcher and sketchnoter.

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