Mud Run?! Why ever not…

Hey folks, hope you’re all fine and fab’lous 🙂

So I’ve just signed up for a Mud Run in about 6/7weeks time to raise money for charity. (This isn’t a plug 😉 just saying)

Ever done one before? I did one last year for fun with a small team of four, if anyone’s looking for a way to get fit, have fun and (if you so fancy) raise some pennies for a charity you support or want to support, I can highly recommend it as a venture.

Don’t get me wrong… it’s hard work and by nature, tough going, but going with even a small team makes it a good laugh and it’s great fun to support each other round the course – naturally some of you are better some obstacles or inclines than others, so (in our case especially) no one person was always behind or in the lead.

This year there’s a huge group of us going together, I’m hoping for a similar, if some what easier, experience to last year. Seeing as I’ll be training a bit more convincingly this year.

Any way, I’ll be blogging some of the peaks and pitfalls as I go. And I’d like to hear of any of your stories on similar events or challenges.

Cheers folks,

Josie x

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