Chicago Baby! An architecture experience

Having never considered myself particularly interested in architecture other than to go “oooh that’s pretty!” I decided to take a river-boat-cruise about architecture during my stay here in Chicago.

I was so glad I chose to go, it was gorgeous, seeing way they call the ‘canyon’ if skyscrapers from a different perspective with an enthusiast’s narration about the development and ebb and low of architecture styles, fads and trends.

Also a lovely story or two about the change in the city’s relationship with the river, how it changed over time, used and abused, misused, loved and now a must-see feature of this booming city.

How ever you look at it the city has many pockets of different characteristics and each nook and cranny appears to have a story to tell.

I was so enamored with the new perspective and rich stories not just about the past and the history of Chicago’s buildings but the present; talking about the building we could see being built before us and then looking into the future of what these areas could and should become.

Overall an insightful and somewhat poetical tip in places. I can highly recommend going on the Chicago’s First Lady boat tour.

River cruise
Architecture River Cruise – Chicago’s First Lady

A few panoramic shots from the cruise

Pano River Cruise
Architecture River Cruise – Chicago’s First Lady
Pano River Cruise
Architecture River Cruise – Chicago’s First Lady
Navy Pier
A view by Navy Pier – Chicago’s First Lady
The junction river
The Junction on the river – Chicago’s First Lady

Cheers folks,

Josie x

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