Chicago Baby! A great experience

So it’s come to the end of my travels in Chicago and I’m truly sad to say goodbye to this fab’lous place. As with anywhere there are good and not so good places and bad press, in this instance about gun crime, but my experience is not of a hostile city, as I was lead to believe it would be. It’s not of an unsafe place and unfriendly people. Not a place to feel vulnerable as a young woman travelling on my own but a warm, relaxed and inviting city, with enough to do and see to keep you tripping from one to another all week and still have more to see.

Chicago Theatre
Chicago Theatre

The food was amazing…

Teriyaki steak at the Jazz club
Chicken and apricot salad

The views, spectacular

Pano river view
Panoramic view of the river junction
Panoramic​ view
Panoramic view from the Hancock tower

The places to visit, delighful

Cloud gate
Cloud Gate and ‘The Bean’

The jazz bars, full of talent and full of life

Jazz bar
Watching a band at a Jazz bar

And the city full of wonderful sculptures, restaurants and buildings

Pano river
Panoramic view of the skyline from the Michigan Avenue bridge
Flowers at Lincoln Park
Cocktails with a view

I’m so glad I chose this city and would love to return in the summer one year as I’m told the (almost) weekly festivals of culture and music are quite something to behold and experience.

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