Sometimes there’s just no space to feel anything
Other than what’s expected
Go through the motions
Do what’s predicted
Don’t cause a fuss
And stay unaffected.
Sometimes I lament
I prophesise and I long for,
Just sometimes I feel it would be easier,
If I could be gone for
A heart beat or a moment
A moment, a minute

For peace or atonement
Knowing what I know,
Not understanding a future
Despite or including me,
I put my strength and emotions to the test,
If I or my heart or my accute emotions
Were no longer around
Some how, and some times
I feel it would be best
To stay where your feet
Your hopes and heart hit the ground
I lament
I don’t hope
I don’t wanna cope
Whatever that means
And whatever they say
My moments and seconds
Are mine to play

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