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I’ve been an avid reader and scribbler for years but only recently started thinking about publishing my work.
I’ve always enjoyed writing and have, since 2008, been producing scripts for theatre as my main focus of writing, but always scribbling poems, songs and short stories for fun, and/or catharsis. I’m also a keen sketcher and sketchnoter.


Moments of peace to hold on to; Thread together like a beautiful patchwork of chance, With smiles and heartbeats, with skips and starts – A mirror of a world that were prone to; Gives hope in a life’s tango, in this dead end of a dance, For an opportunity and a future stitched in stars,…

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I can feel her hands rest calmly on my shaking shoulders The tension taking twists and turns under my skin She softens the swirling subtleties of storms fluttering against my ribs It’s a weightless warmth working itself into my breath, out and in Who is she? She is you. She is comfort, she is compassion,…

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Not okay

It’s not okay to just grab us, Not okay to wade on in, To pace and parade across our path, With hard eyes and a lecherous grin. It’s not okay to run your hand down our backs, Not okay to pull our clothes. To laugh and taunt when we pull away, With your un-daunted hopes.…

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So unfamiliar with this feeling – It’s got no name, no colour, no sound, But it’s under my skin; Creeping, scratching, gnawing around. I see the way their entitlement lifts them, To do what they want with disregard, The paralysis of the trigger they’ve hit Without any intent, I’m completely disarmed; I can’t move to…

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The mirror shard glistens Calling to my inner darkness As a whole, the cause of so many questions As a part, the subduing of so much pain The silver shimmers Calling to my inner darkness As a whole, it consumes and overwhelms As a part, it causes distrust and shame The darkness echoes Calling to…

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Ghost’ed, before

Seeing people who don’t hear you Fading out as soon as other start to hit their stride Your heart beat deafening you With the agony of passing time Talking with a voice that won’t carry Dissolving into the air as soon as they’re formed Lungs as flighty as a hummingbird When you feel constricted and…

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When the message comes from the shadow From the antithesis, from your fear, How do you respond? How do you fight the tears? When they’ve taken your voice and your hope By ignoring the plea and your tears How do you respond? And hide your fear? When they ignored your statement of “no” By taking…

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When I said no You heard a challenge Even though I told you Of my fear of the damage When I cried and left You saw a chance Even though I told you That I’m done with this dance When I said no With fear, unstable You abused your power Knowing I was vulnerable When…


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Meisner’s approach to design written by Jo Hopkins “Meisner’s approach is a technique which champions a ‘free-writing’ style of exploration…” Whether you’re blitzing through sketches of interface interactions or hastily scribbling voice interactions for an ambient device, see if the Meisner approach can help you iterate initial thoughts faster and explore more, or even…

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A silence so heavy and hollow It can wrap it’s fingers around your heart Reaching through the inner shouts And tormented voices A silence so thick and empty It can wrap itself around your mind Reaching through to highlight the doubts And question all your choices The difference between lonely and alone Is that silence…

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