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When I said no You heard a challenge Even though I told you Of my fear of the damage When I cried and left You saw a chance Even though I told you That I’m done with this dance When I said no With fear, unstable You abused your power Knowing I was vulnerable When…



A silence so heavy and hollow It can wrap it’s fingers around your heart Reaching through the inner shouts And tormented voices A silence so thick and empty It can wrap itself around your mind Reaching through to highlight the doubts And question all your choices The difference between lonely and alone Is that silence…

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A silence so thick, so deafening I can feel it closing in around my cage The cage supposing to protect my heart The silence stifles as I force my breath to engage A silence too cold, like lightening I can feel it’s breath taking hold of my heart The breath supposing to offer a beat…

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Out of reach

There’s a moment In this turbulence The trepidation as I step up to the crossroads Where I realise There’s a disturbance The fear holds my heart steadfast as it implodes In that moment I realise, as my heart splits There’s this void in myself that can’t be made complete I’m still in love with you,…

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Intoxicated by you I can’t resist your heart But you tell me you still love me And it tears me apart Enraptured by you It’s always like a dream But you’ve chosen head over heart So you will never again choose me Infatuated with you The way we connect the way we spark But you’ve…

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Hitting reality with a crash When I’m reminded how you don’t want me  After a week of chatter from over seas Your hot-and-cold returns, my heart re-breaks and my hopes flee  Thanks for the hope And thanks for the intoxicating charm And thanks for the cold hard truth As the floor falls away, I’m suddenly…

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Like splintered glass Your words pierce silence Pulling me back Abruptly comforting Transparently cutting Through noise, Thank you

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Taking time by the hand She walks Looking to the future An Orpheus curse But despite her aching heart She never turns back

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Light turns dreams into Faded patchworks of fear and hope As the daylight approaches  Minds retreat from what the darkness wrote

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The power of words Your words Presuming an absent presence Habitually echoing As I hope in vein Wishing  Willing them Not to exist

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