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I didn’t want you to fix me I just wanted you  You held my hand through the initial storm Then far away your heart flew  I didn’t need you to mend  My tortured mind and fractured heart I just wanted to be greeted with your smile  And devinity at each day’s start

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I’m reminded by the bleak & the blank Of the sky As it starkly juxtaposes  The chaos Inside my heart Even after a storm There’s hope

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As the dust dances In the wake of the morning I’m humbled by its  Tenderness As it lightly  Caresses the air Around my skin Ghostly

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When dust dances In the morning beams Landing on your frozen smile I’m grateful I knew you And we made our time  Worthwhile

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Whilst I still have to see you  Every day Every moment  Will keep you  A  Ghost To Me Of what we were The happiness We  Had And how  You let me Feel Good enough  Thanks For taking that away  Too My heart My hope My love My self worth And my delight  I loved you…

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Morning breaks the night Shards of colour in the light Spreading hope and inspiring delight In that brief moment there’s no fight Firey waves through clouds ignite It’s the morning, the day, a welcome sight

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As it was

Everybody fooled Except the two who really care Caught in the lie Stumbling through synthetic days Playing the game Of as it was All too well. Too many words Caught in limbo Contorted between Unspoken & wished unsaid My consolation; We both play the game Of as it was All too well.

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Taking solace In passing clouds Each wisp whispers Running through the sky Chasing blue Searching for sunlight With dreams anew

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Hope dances In the breath between Desire & despair She trips the balance Delicately Enticingly pirouetting Between lie & love ‪Her ballet ribboned shoes‬ ‪Tread tentatively‬ ‪Tiptoes & eggshells‬ ‪Like fractured glass‬ ‪In precarious dreams‬ ‪She leads triumphantly‬

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Engines stirring & spluttering Snow shed like tears As they wear the white away And it retreats to the edges Of the waking world

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