When your words form silence
And your presence is absent
The volume of your intentions is deafening
Then your words form hope
And your heart takes a moment
The corner to turn is approaching


Your voice; a symphony
You stole a chord
When you disappeared
There’s a gap in music
Syncopated heartbreak
Underscoring you
Rhythm like rain
Melody like moonlight
Holding onto hope
Love & laughter so light
But tears in tornadoes
Our symphony
Our fight


It’s 3am & the silence is deafening,
I long for daybreak to steady the tempest,
Until then I have music to soothe my mind
The lyrics that resinate and take hold of your heart,
The dreams that help to keep your fears and hopes apart
It’s 3am & the silence is closing in,
I look for comfort in the unrest,
and I have music to pass the time
No matter how the ghostly hand grips your chest,
Theres the hope that it’s love that survives the best.


The syllables cascade through my senses,
As my tongue shapes the semantics of words,
Words I’ll never say,
Words; ineffective
Insufficient & verbose
Falling into deafness
Faded & weak
Then a jolt;
Sound returns
Free again