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#scribblersSoundtrack updated

updated the #scribblersSoundtrack Also embedded a basic Spotify widget for those who are interested in listening, also a list of all the songs so far; I will be chopping and changing the live playlist when it hits 120. Enjoy folks, and please share your inspirational tracks too.

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A poem about the realisation that it'll be okay, overcoming heartbreak and anxiety with a best friend

Apprehension sits
Like a weight on my chest
Parroting my every thought
With ghosts of 'What if?'
Apprehension waits
Sitting heavy on my thoughts
Mimicking my every move
With whispers of a myth

Apprehension knocks
At my ribs with my heart
Echoing the panic
That's hidden by a laugh
Apprehension trips
Over my tongue with clumsy
Repeats of 'perhaps'
And the words from the past

Apprehension tangles
Knotting my fingers together
As they search for safety
Hunting for something, just speak
Apprehension strangles
Knitting my thoughts together
As they twist and turn
Hunting for something, just speak

Apprehension leaves
In a whisper of a smile
As you lock eyes with me
As I remember what we had
Apprehension walks
Limping in retreat
As I miss you but love you
For your kindness I'm glad

Apprehension sleeps
Forty winks of peace
As your company comforts
And your laughter delights
Apprehension falls away
As I realise I don't want you
But I Love you
It's a small step back to life

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Updated #scribblersSoundtrack today, still got to re-work some of the newer songs into the playlist a bit better but it’s all up to date now. Enjoy 🙂 Cheers, Josie x  

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