Something new

Starting a new project, using a base character as a ‘dummy’ (in effect) and creating costumes for them to accompany quotes. This is off the back of a custom print design for Valentine’s Day, which was suggested to me. It’s a sort of ‘custom commission’ I guess, they want a copy of the print but they’re happy for it to be used and sold elsewhere or amended in the future.

Link to the project


Josie x

Getting my Etsy on!

Delighted and rather excited to share with you lovely lot that I’ve just opened a shop on Etsy

After much hesitation, many thoughts and some helpful motivation from folk, including some of you lovely people, I’ve set up Josie Dee Design on Etsy. Please have a look-see if you fancy, otherwise remain unmoved by the news and continue as was ;).
I hope you’re all having a lovely holiday and relishing whatever, cherishing whoever and enjoying your festivities.

I look forward to many more scribbles, sketches and sketchnotes in the new year. 

Take care you fab’lous folk. 


Josie x

Jigsaw – Illustration 

So my design brief is to create a cartoon strip style canvas of about A3 size containing the following things:

  • Cars
  • Stacking cups
  • The moon
  • Bubbles
  • The Clangers
  • Jigsaw – 2 to 6 pieces

Using blues and greens as the prominent colours and some nice stylised typography.
Here’s the link to the project.
And here’s the final print: