For all to see

Just an image that came to me when listening to Nightwish ‘Meadows of heaven’ and a poem that followed.


Heartbreak cascaded through her,
She saw it
Black as night
Was it just in her reflection?
It was, she was sure,
She wipes her eyes
Frantic, afraid
Her hands tremble
As if her tears, tore through her,
Wearing tracks;
And leaving ghosts
For all to see,
Or just for me?

In your arms

A sketch Inspired by some meat loaf lyrics: ‘In your arms I think I’ve found the safest place to fall’


Sometimes there are moments
Where you feel you’re free falling, fast or slow,
Sometimes in those moments
You find a new hand that you can hold.
When you feel the most invisible
Feel absent, lost or disengaged,
In your disconnected haze you find
Comfort, unexpected, in a heart once estranged;
It’s like a new breath –
It’s like a jolt, like a flicker –
Something to keep holding on for,
As the fears and shadows wither.