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Meisner’s approach to design written by Jo Hopkins “Meisner’s approach is a technique which champions a ‘free-writing’ style of exploration…” Whether you’re blitzing through sketches of interface interactions or hastily scribbling voice interactions for an ambient device, see if the Meisner approach can help you iterate initial thoughts faster and explore more, or even…

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A silence so thick, so deafening I can feel it closing in around my cage The cage supposing to protect my heart The silence stifles as I force my breath to engage A silence too cold, like lightening I can feel it’s breath taking hold of my heart The breath supposing to offer a beat…

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When I can see the sun But not feel it on my skin When I can hear the music And my heart won’t tune in When I see your eyes alight But the tenderness is gone When I’m taking strides Pretending to be strong In it there’s despair as black as the night But in…

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Hitting reality with a crash When I’m reminded how you don’t want me  After a week of chatter from over seas Your hot-and-cold returns, my heart re-breaks and my hopes flee  Thanks for the hope And thanks for the intoxicating charm And thanks for the cold hard truth As the floor falls away, I’m suddenly…

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Like splintered glass Your words pierce silence Pulling me back Abruptly comforting Transparently cutting Through noise, Thank you

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Taking time by the hand She walks Looking to the future An Orpheus curse But despite her aching heart She never turns back

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Double negative

I can’t not love you Just because  They say it’s better in the long run I can’t not feel comfort In your smile Just because our future’s gone  I can’t not feel empty  I remember it’s gone Just because you’ve moved on I can’t not love you Just because  I say it’s easier now that…

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Light turns dreams into Faded patchworks of fear and hope As the daylight approaches  Minds retreat from what the darkness wrote

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