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The power of words Your words Presuming an absent presence Habitually echoing As I hope in vein Wishing  Willing them Not to exist

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I’m reminded by the bleak & the blank Of the sky As it starkly juxtaposes  The chaos Inside my heart Even after a storm There’s hope

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As the dust dances In the wake of the morning I’m humbled by its  Tenderness As it lightly  Caresses the air Around my skin Ghostly

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When dust dances In the morning beams Landing on your frozen smile I’m grateful I knew you And we made our time  Worthwhile

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Whilst I still have to see you  Every day Every moment  Will keep you  A  Ghost To Me Of what we were The happiness We  Had And how  You let me Feel Good enough  Thanks For taking that away  Too My heart My hope My love My self worth And my delight  I loved you…

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#scribblersSoundtrack updated

updated the #scribblersSoundtrack Also embedded a basic Spotify widget for those who are interested in listening, also a list of all the songs so far; I will be chopping and changing the live playlist when it hits 120. Enjoy folks, and please share your inspirational tracks too.

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Sometimes to move forward You feel like you’re stepping back Sometimes this gives you the space To feel like you’re on the right track Sometimes stepping seems impossible You feel like you’re wading or trapped Sometimes try standing fast in this moment You may see something new in this gap Sometimes to stand is the…

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Taking solace In passing clouds Each wisp whispers Running through the sky Chasing blue Searching for sunlight With dreams anew

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Hope dances In the breath between Desire & despair She trips the balance Delicately Enticingly pirouetting Between lie & love ‪Her ballet ribboned shoes‬ ‪Tread tentatively‬ ‪Tiptoes & eggshells‬ ‪Like fractured glass‬ ‪In precarious dreams‬ ‪She leads triumphantly‬

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Taking hands 

In the darkness she lies next to me But just beyond my reach She’s always with me When consumed by defeat In the performance of daily life Just out of vision She’s the best support act With no spite or derision She’s a silent ghost No agenda hidden Except to help me out of this…

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