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Fog wades through landscapes Engulfing crisp colours Fractures illuminate Glorified by the sun Like the resonance of a dream

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Hopeful eyes sparkle, Togetherness with hands entwined, Moments and kisses seem eternal, Survival in love, hearts combined; Adored

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A leap of faith, a moment
In a breath, a single heartbeat
A jump at chance, a skip
And a lightness, as our eyes meet

A truth shared, a risk
We just keep moving, into the unknown
A love that's mutual, eternal
As with each other we feel we're home

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Sun setting,
Taking hands with my thoughts
Walking warmly into the night.
Breathing clouds,
Embracing fading light,
And dreams begin.
Hope stirs as stars begin to blink
Through the blanketed horizon,
Eyes fixed.
Engaging with the end of today,
And the hope
Of tomorrow.

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It’s 3am & the silence is deafening, I long for daybreak to steady the tempest, Until then I have music to soothe my mind The lyrics that resinate and take hold of your heart, The dreams that help to keep your fears and hopes apart It’s 3am & the silence is closing in, I look…

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