A leap of faith, a moment
In a breath, a single heartbeat
A jump at chance, a skip
And a lightness, as our eyes meet

A truth shared, a risk
We just keep moving, into the unknown
A love that's mutual, eternal
As with each other we feel we're home

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This is quite what you might call a 'raw' poem about depression, As a woman loves, waits and holds on to her Partner through a tough day.
Published on Spillwords December 2016

So she sits.
We sit, together - but apart.

She waits and wonders if things will change.
Her disengagement from the world humble and acquiescent.
At peace with the turbulent thoughts that she stumbles through.
There is no time left to wonder or wander through time.
The heat of the passion which no longer burns was matched only by the furnace of ferocious fears which tore her apart inside.

We had waited. I always waited.
Waited, unaware of the pain she was in.


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Sun setting,
Taking hands with my thoughts
Walking warmly into the night.
Breathing clouds,
Embracing fading light,
And dreams begin.
Hope stirs as stars begin to blink
Through the blanketed horizon,
Eyes fixed.
Engaging with the end of today,
And the hope
Of tomorrow.

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Frost breaks, Dystopian thoughts melt as the sun rises, Webs shimmer Gossamer threads tangled in diamond disguises, Pure beauty.

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Leaves, falling like snow, The contrast – Delights. Colours, twist and turn; Nostalgia – Ignites

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When you get sucked in
You fall too fast...
Not knowing, just grasping at life and tripping into love
Happy and oblivious to the depth
The depth of your feelings, your love
A rush, a lightness, a gleeful intoxication
It crawls under your skin, into your heart
Rock solid grasp

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