Rain, reflected

The rain thunders lightly on the floor, With each tap-thud-drip my heart sinks some more The greyness and the thunder Like the beast inside my chest Pulling at the fractured shards Never stopping, he’ll never rest The rain reflects the light in each falling gem Like the flicker in my heart that I’ll be whole…

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The stories that spin Weaving, woven, wondering and repeat In the waiting in the silent din Whispers, words, wanting in defeat The habit of time Passing, pushing, parting and repeat With each tentative step of mine Tripping, treading, turning in defeat

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A Chance

It’s been hard to take, and hold two things as one Understanding that I’m hurt, yet my feelings for you are gone Not forgotten, not dead, not nothing, Just not breaking and twisting and turning. How can that be, that these two are okay, That it hurts like nothing else, that I lost you in…

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Drawing it out With each passing day I’m hurting in my heart As you push me away So much is unspoken In the year that has passed Storytelling in silence To make the hope last I don’t want to play games Or hurt you in turn I only wish you were careful If only you…

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Not done yet

It’s been a while since I put pen to page Fighting the darkness on each step of the way I’m making ground and I’m forging on I’m feeling a heaviness but I’m willing it gone I don’t want to give in to the relentless hours But I can feel it pulling, swallowing desires Taking my…

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Morning light 

Waking up with a lightness in my mind, As I realise it’s only a matter of time. The sunlight breaks through the cracks, Seeking, tripping, pouring a delightful attack On darkness, it slices and tumbles in a dance. A complimentary juxtaposition, cutting silence, The dust swims between these realms, Like their dreams are fighting fears…

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When I can see the sun But not feel it on my skin When I can hear the music And my heart won’t tune in When I see your eyes alight But the tenderness is gone When I’m taking strides Pretending to be strong In it there’s despair as black as the night But in…

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Didn’t you know?

Didn’t anyone tell you? She’s gone, the girl you knew I’m an illusion of what you saw Helping to carry her through Through the “good morning!” The daily jibes and jokes fly The facade and feverish delightedness Until I carry her home to cry Didn’t anyone tell you? She’s not sleeping, not laughing I’m keeping…

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Hitting reality with a crash When I’m reminded how you don’t want me  After a week of chatter from over seas Your hot-and-cold returns, my heart re-breaks and my hopes flee  Thanks for the hope And thanks for the intoxicating charm And thanks for the cold hard truth As the floor falls away, I’m suddenly…

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