Hunter – Sketchnote

Finished by  sketchnote for “Hunter” by Thirty Seconds To Mars as distraction, it started off just as a nice way of getting space from a problem scene.

It’s a sketchnote of a song.

I did it in two phases, slightly different to how I’ve done them before; with conferences and at work I tend to go straight for the pen and run with it.



  1. I played the song once and penciling the sketchnote, marking out where I wanted the highlights, the space, the key words and phrases, both that stood out to me and – more importantly – the ones I’d been asked to highlight – I also I doodled an outline of the image.
  2. I played the song on loop whilst I took a pen to the pencilled outlines and placeholders and then filled out the rest of the space with lyrics and colour.

Having never done it before

a) for a song

b) in two phases

I hope you like it, I’ve had fun drawing it 🙂

Josie x

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