Jigsaw – Bespoke Illustration

My design brief was to create a canvas of about A3 size containing the following things:

  • Cars
  • Stacking cups
  • The moon
  • Bubbles
  • The Clangers
  • Jigsaw – 2 to 6 pieces

Using blues and/or greens as the more prominent colours, a comic strip style (in part or whole) and some nice stylised typography.

I sketched out the text, using the jigsaw theme for the title, which is the name of the person the canvas is for. I listened and watched how toddlers explain the stacking cups game to sketchnote a short comic strip, listened to some ‘bubbles’ themed children’s songs to create the bubble motif on the right and then sketched a copy of The Clangers logo and one of the characters. Finally I sketched a copy of a car from Blaze and The Monster Machines.

I used, Muji pens, Berol fine black pens and some coloured Tombow brush pens to bring it to life. I then scanned it in to balance the layers using Adobe Photoshop to finalise the print.

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