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Didn’t you know?

Didn’t anyone tell you? She’s gone, the girl you knew I’m an illusion of what you saw Helping to carry her through Through the “good morning!” The daily jibes and jokes fly The facade and feverish delightedness Until I carry her home to cry Didn’t anyone tell you? She’s not sleeping, not laughing I’m keeping…

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Dear J Doe

Dear unknown, my John or Jane doe So it’s been a short while since I wrote,  Anything. A poem, a micro poem or even a rhyming couplet.  I’ve been back under a cloud, sad to say it’s been a dark week or so,  I want to get back out of the rut. So I’m writing…

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Heart of Gold

“She’s got a heart of Gold” They say through their smiles “She’s got such a good heart” They say, delighted, in denial  For it’s what they don’t see That makes it truly shine It’s the shadows she keeps hidden That make her kindness devine  For the fractures and splinters  Of that self-same heart of Gold…

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By your leave

Sometimes it’s best to step back Step away Trip away  Remove yourself from the situation Sometimes it’s safer to hold back Trip away Step away Hold your tongue and unanswered questions  Sometimes it’s kinder to yourself to be cruel and bold Take your leave And by your leave Hold your searing pain and burning passions …

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Tongue tied

All those questions you always and never want to know  All those feelings you always and never want validated  All those answers you never yet always want to hear  All those things you never but always want to remember  Did you just get bored? Did I do something? Did you ever really love me? Did…

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In the coldness of night And the darkness wraps around her She closes her eyes to eacape From the thoughts that find her Back to a moment  When contentment was home Where she felt at one She’s not lost or alone Stepping into the memory She looks up to the sky Where she sees the…

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Time stands still, but the world rushes by She waits and wonders, no longer can she cry She pushes for time, she pulls back the world Longing for comfort as her fears unfurl She feels her mind race as her heart stops a beat Chasing the world, turning, her tumbling thoughts retreat She looks to…

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‪When fears linger & crouch in shadows‬
‪Like devils in the fog‬
‪Knowing all it takes‬ is fractured light‬
‪To spring them from the dark‬

‪Needing courage to be blinking back burning tears
To step over your heart in the dust
Leave it behind for a future
You will yourself on because you must

But a white fear grasps at my senses as I look to tomorrow
Knowing you'll never be who you were entwines my thoughts with such sorrow

When fears linger & crouch in my thoughts
Like devils on the edge of intent
Uncertainty of you
Spins my syncopated hopes into descent

‪How can I move on‬‪ and say my goodbye‬s
‪When, so silently and abruptly you left‬
Being around you every day‬ through circumstance‬
Makes every minute and every hour a test‬

To shake up my world is so cruel when it's just about my heart
Hoping to find solid ground, an opportunity - still I'm sad to restart

I miss you. I love you.
And as always you entice and enchant

But I'll take fate by the hand and leave it all to chance
Fix my fractured heart with a new kind of dance

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There are clarifying moments
Synthetic synergies
With song lyrics
Film scripts
Or television series
Where characters
Shout your truth
There are bizarre moments

Energised empathies
With song writers, characters
Or moments in a scene
Where writers
Shout cut to your core
Sobering moments

Synthetic synergies
Lyrics, scripts
Even characters
Reflect your moment
Speaking your truth
Articulate where you lack
There are clarifying moments


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