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Rolling crumbs of the world,
Turning the delicate to drudgery,
Tumbling from beautiful to broken,
A turbulent tango of each element;
Eyes feasting delightedly on the dancing debris
Floating in the chopping, churning, ever changing wind

Churning leaves over leaves over leaves,
Falling fast are the stones and grit,
Fleeing from their place in the world,
Fumbling in free fall towards a new home;
Through the ripples of intermittent stillness,
Feverish in its ferocity, is the ever changing wind


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Skeletal hands claw at the blackened sky
As nature fights nature, tooth and nail
Leaves fly viciously, slicing the wind
As the beauty of Autumn turns pale
Roots slip and slide through concrete
Clutching at falling feet in the rain
The once crisp, crunchy carpet of leaves
Are sludge and their colour is drained
Welcoming winter with a grey-blue glow
Trees reaching for the fractures of light
The sun dully lights thunderous clouds
People bracing 'gainst the breeze with might
They now wade through the dregs that cling
The beauty of Autumn turned liar
In limbo of a colourless landscape
Tentatively aware of each moment
Stuttering through the overcast streets
Step the footsteps that once kicked fire

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The light shines through The daylight breaks The morning starts As you awake Does the sun lift your spirits Does the light awake wonders today Does the crisp cold air Take your bated breath away Hold on to that moment The sheer delight In a fraction of a second The whole world seems right It’s…

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Streets of diamond-kissed gold Wind peacefully through the wold Enticing me on with secrets untold As today’s beauty unfurls

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Walking through fire Each footprint crackling, a syncopated beat Kicking flames In whirlwinds of colour on an Autumnal streey

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Headlights tracking me,
A sort of rhythm,
But beating in silence;
Again, and again, and again, and again.

Speeding past, lightening,
Their moments are fleeting
Inimitably mimicking my memories;
Again, and again, and again.

Flying by, in a whisper, a wisp
Like my thoughts,  as I try to catch them
Partly Illuminated; like ghosts they glide;
Again and again.

Brightening every beat,
As they make silhouettes on my cheek,
I see all the imperfections of the glass,
Through which I wait for you;

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Splintering through Sound breaks Night’s creation That repeated illusion Time is not what it seems The clear jolt Awake from dreams

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Lightening strikes and dances, Fractured clouds rolling through the night. Moonlit raindrops are kaleidoscopic, You are so beautiful in its light

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