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Cold air bites my hands With the juxtaposed warmth of the sun Pushing through the frost. Heels of shoes ticking Each step moments lost

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Sunlight splinters, Illuminating crisp colours As the trees & leaves dance A tango of vibrant delight In the turbulent air

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Darkness falls, My hope falters not under oppressive skies. Rolling thunder, in a deafening cry, My love for you – Cannot be denied

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Rain causes static in my Crystal clear contemplation The icy air holding hostage My optimism Forcing my thoughts inwards

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Fog wades through landscapes Engulfing crisp colours Fractures illuminate Glorified by the sun Like the resonance of a dream

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Sun setting,
Taking hands with my thoughts
Walking warmly into the night.
Breathing clouds,
Embracing fading light,
And dreams begin.
Hope stirs as stars begin to blink
Through the blanketed horizon,
Eyes fixed.
Engaging with the end of today,
And the hope
Of tomorrow.

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Frost breaks, Dystopian thoughts melt as the sun rises, Webs shimmer Gossamer threads tangled in diamond disguises, Pure beauty.

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Leaves, falling like snow, The contrast – Delights. Colours, twist and turn; Nostalgia – Ignites

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