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Skip, breathe, leap

There’s a moment, an unquantifiable measure of sound, of time, of intention and of desire Where a heart-skip descends into a heart-break Or a heart-break lifts to a heart-skip; like fire. Take that ghostly uncertainty by the hand and be found, in that moment, that heart-beat, that breath Where first-love descends into love-lost Or love-lost…

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Morning light 

Waking up with a lightness in my mind, As I realise it’s only a matter of time. The sunlight breaks through the cracks, Seeking, tripping, pouring a delightful attack On darkness, it slices and tumbles in a dance. A complimentary juxtaposition, cutting silence, The dust swims between these realms, Like their dreams are fighting fears…

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The clouds, I admire them Their ability to always create Always new textures, depth, light and dark A refreshing beauty our logic negates   They embrace their difference Exploiting their shadows As they emphasise their light They are raw, whole, open, honest Eyes explore their entirety with delight   Their faults and flaws make them…

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Morning breaks the night Shards of colour in the light Spreading hope and inspiring delight In that brief moment there’s no fight Firey waves through clouds ignite It’s the morning, the day, a welcome sight

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Skeletal hands claw at the blackened sky
As nature fights nature, tooth and nail
Leaves fly viciously, slicing the wind
As the beauty of Autumn turns pale
Roots slip and slide through concrete
Clutching at falling feet in the rain
The once crisp, crunchy carpet of leaves
Are sludge and their colour is drained
Welcoming winter with a grey-blue glow
Trees reaching for the fractures of light
The sun dully lights thunderous clouds
People bracing 'gainst the breeze with might
They now wade through the dregs that cling
The beauty of Autumn turned liar
In limbo of a colourless landscape
Tentatively aware of each moment
Stuttering through the overcast streets
Step the footsteps that once kicked fire

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screen-shot-2016-11-13-at-16-38-25I'm a promise, an apology, a gift and a hope
Desired with bold colours, I reach towards the light
Helping to hide tears, hoping I find a true smile,
A beautiful, intoxicatingly simple delight
Accompanied frequently with a stroke of a pen
And embellished and glorified by ribbon & prose
I'm his tribute, his gesture, his hope and his love
I'm a glimpse of forgiveness, requited true love,
I am the rose, his rose
Your Rose

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Lightening strikes and dances, Fractured clouds rolling through the night. Moonlit raindrops are kaleidoscopic, You are so beautiful in its light

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A short poem of decleration

I want to say so much to you,
I want to win your heart.
I want to keep your eyes alight
I should've said from the start...
Said that you are beautiful,
Ignite your heart and hold your tears.
Said, to me you are always everything,
Taken steps and fought your fears

I want to say your beautiful
That you're right and I've been blind.
I want to say you mean everything
I can't take you off my mind

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Frost breaks, Dystopian thoughts melt as the sun rises, Webs shimmer Gossamer threads tangled in diamond disguises, Pure beauty.

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