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When I said no You heard a challenge Even though I told you Of my fear of the damage When I cried and left You saw a chance Even though I told you That I’m done with this dance When I said no With fear, unstable You abused your power Knowing I was vulnerable When…



A silence so heavy and hollow It can wrap it’s fingers around your heart Reaching through the inner shouts And tormented voices A silence so thick and empty It can wrap itself around your mind Reaching through to highlight the doubts And question all your choices The difference between lonely and alone Is that silence…

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Out of reach

There’s a moment In this turbulence The trepidation as I step up to the crossroads Where I realise There’s a disturbance The fear holds my heart steadfast as it implodes In that moment I realise, as my heart splits There’s this void in myself that can’t be made complete I’m still in love with you,…

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Rain, reflected

The rain thunders lightly on the floor, With each tap-thud-drip my heart sinks some more The greyness and the thunder Like the beast inside my chest Pulling at the fractured shards Never stopping, he’ll never rest The rain reflects the light in each falling gem Like the flicker in my heart that I’ll be whole…

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I didn’t want you to fix me I just wanted you  You held my hand through the initial storm Then far away your heart flew  I didn’t need you to mend  My tortured mind and fractured heart I just wanted to be greeted with your smile  And devinity at each day’s start

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