Alphabet people : Sketchnoting #1

One of the exercises I like to do to practice is a sketchnote alphabet challenge.

I challenge myself to see how far through the alphabet I can get using words and a character of some description:

  • Within a certain time
  • Before I get stumped
  • Until I get to the end of the alphabet

I use pencil to draw guide lines and sometimes to Ghost the letters ready but I try to come up with both the word and the illustration within the time/session. 

I find these really help with speed and having some characters up my sleeve for certain jobs, emotions and actions.

The key thing I find is not to worry if I draw the same thing for synonyms or the same thing in different sessions. It’s just about getting used to it and having fun with the characters.

There’s also scope to play around with the typography to reflect the word you choose.

I’m always interested in what other folk use and do to practice or just for fun within the doodling/sketchnote field, so free to shout with your ideas.


Josie x

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