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Moments of peace to hold on to; Thread together like a beautiful patchwork of chance, With smiles and heartbeats, with skips and starts – A mirror of a world that were prone to; Gives hope in a life’s tango, in this dead end of a dance, For an opportunity and a future stitched in stars,…

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So unfamiliar with this feeling – It’s got no name, no colour, no sound, But it’s under my skin; Creeping, scratching, gnawing around. I see the way their entitlement lifts them, To do what they want with disregard, The paralysis of the trigger they’ve hit Without any intent, I’m completely disarmed; I can’t move to…

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The mirror shard glistens Calling to my inner darkness As a whole, the cause of so many questions As a part, the subduing of so much pain The silver shimmers Calling to my inner darkness As a whole, it consumes and overwhelms As a part, it causes distrust and shame The darkness echoes Calling to…

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When the message comes from the shadow From the antithesis, from your fear, How do you respond? How do you fight the tears? When they’ve taken your voice and your hope By ignoring the plea and your tears How do you respond? And hide your fear? When they ignored your statement of “no” By taking…

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A silence so heavy and hollow It can wrap it’s fingers around your heart Reaching through the inner shouts And tormented voices A silence so thick and empty It can wrap itself around your mind Reaching through to highlight the doubts And question all your choices The difference between lonely and alone Is that silence…

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Sometimes it’s the small things The beat The moment The suspension of attention When a screen is more interesting than you When the laugh is somehow disconnected The look is skips a beat and no longer lingers When the fondness is still there but distracted And those small things Combined with a name A glance…

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Bad timing

It was just bad timing As you always said it was When we fell, when we met When you left, I was bereft It was just bad timing As you always knew it was When we kissed, when we fell When I lost myself, heartbroken hell Bad timing Syncopated love Taken in stolen seconds Shared…

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In another life

You said, in another life, You said, if only 20 years ago, You said, you couldn’t because, And then, we carried on in our glow. You said, you could fall in love, You said, you wished you could give me everything you felt I deserved, And then, I watched you live You said, if only…

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The stories that spin Weaving, woven, wondering and repeat In the waiting in the silent din Whispers, words, wanting in defeat The habit of time Passing, pushing, parting and repeat With each tentative step of mine Tripping, treading, turning in defeat

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Not done yet

It’s been a while since I put pen to page Fighting the darkness on each step of the way I’m making ground and I’m forging on I’m feeling a heaviness but I’m willing it gone I don’t want to give in to the relentless hours But I can feel it pulling, swallowing desires Taking my…

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