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Meisner’s approach to design written by Jo Hopkins

“Meisner’s approach is a technique which champions a ‘free-writing’ style of exploration…”
Whether you’re blitzing through sketches of interface interactions or hastily scribbling voice interactions for an ambient device, see if the Meisner approach can help you iterate initial thoughts faster and explore more, or even new, possibilities.

TED talks for design

I’ll be sharing some of my favourite TED talks about design, creativity and design thinking.

To start here’s just a couple of folks I think are definitely worth following/checking out 🙂

  • Don Norman
  • Roman Mars
  • Pod cast : 99 percent invisible
  • Mike Rohde
  • Sunny Brown

TED TALK #1 (12:41)

3 ways good design makes you happy : Don Norman

TED TALK #2 (18:18)

Why city flags may be the worst-designed thing you’ve never noticed : Roman Mars

TED TALK #3 (7:25)

How play leads to great inventions : Steven Johnson

If you’ve never done ‘Drawing toast’ , its a great way of getting outside of your problem; a ‘10,000 ft view’ and getting those who don’t normally put pen to paper to begin to think visually. I like to use it as a warm up for sketchnoting workshops too, getting people used to being succinct and focused.


Got a wicked problem? First, tell me how you make toast : Tom Wujec

A nice watch, some nice points about small things, being creative and some everyday design awareness

TED TALK #5 (14:10)

Design in the details : Paul Bennett


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