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I can feel her hands rest calmly on my shaking shoulders The tension taking twists and turns under my skin She softens the swirling subtleties of storms fluttering against my ribs It’s a weightless warmth working itself into my breath, out and in Who is she? She is you. She is comfort, she is compassion,…

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When I said no You heard a challenge Even though I told you Of my fear of the damage When I cried and left You saw a chance Even though I told you That I’m done with this dance When I said no With fear, unstable You abused your power Knowing I was vulnerable When…



Sometimes it’s the small things The beat The moment The suspension of attention When a screen is more interesting than you When the laugh is somehow disconnected The look is skips a beat and no longer lingers When the fondness is still there but distracted And those small things Combined with a name A glance…

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Dear J Doe

Dear unknown, my John or Jane doe So it’s been a short while since I wrote,  Anything. A poem, a micro poem or even a rhyming couplet.  I’ve been back under a cloud, sad to say it’s been a dark week or so,  I want to get back out of the rut. So I’m writing…

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So they say

It will all get better in time It’s helpful, it will heal It will all get better in time  So they say, but time steals It will give to solace and peace Give you hope, give you distance It is healthy to mourn and grieve So they say, they’re persistent It will all become your…

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You took my hand Only you let it go Only to remain; Ghostly Ever present Never close enough A skeletal hope Dust of desire Despair

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