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Skip, breathe, leap

There’s a moment, an unquantifiable measure of sound, of time, of intention and of desire Where a heart-skip descends into a heart-break Or a heart-break lifts to a heart-skip; like fire. Take that ghostly uncertainty by the hand and be found, in that moment, that heart-beat, that breath Where first-love descends into love-lost Or love-lost…

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Out of reach

There’s a moment In this turbulence The trepidation as I step up to the crossroads Where I realise There’s a disturbance The fear holds my heart steadfast as it implodes In that moment I realise, as my heart splits There’s this void in myself that can’t be made complete I’m still in love with you,…

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Sometimes the desire to run Takes over from everything you love The job, the family, the friends you have will be lost, unforgotten, loved and yet, gone As you acknowledge their kindness But fail to see, how settled in their love You can ever truly be I want to run I want to escape Because…

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The ink runs ribbons Caressing the paper As it soothes Fire in my heart The corners curl Inwards from the pressure And ferocity As if┬áto cocoon my words Artistic in it’s catharsis Delightful in it’s musicality The flow and the fall From heart to page Soothes my torment In it’s cadaverous stage The pen &…

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Hold tight

A poem about moving on when you’ve fallen in love with your best friend and you’re trying to hold on to an amicable break up. I’m shifting gear I’m taking a turn I’m moving on I’ll finally learn To push you away To walk into my space The love I have Needs its own place…

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Your smile;
Greets me,
Your eyes;
Meet mine,
When you're here;
I know I'll be fine,
Your eyes;
Like sapphires,
Your skin;
Like porcelain,
You make my world;
Light up again.

Your eyes;
So alive,
Your mouth;
You make me;
Feel free from time,
You're here,
In my world;
When you laugh;
Your fingers curl,
Around my own,
You're in my world.


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What if those moments never laboured
Never toyed with time

What if the voices I heard weren't alone
What if there was a power to denying

What if I never closed my eyes
To shake you from my sight
What if I never pushed you away
And we never had that fight

I love you


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You took my hand Only you let it go Only to remain; Ghostly Ever present Never close enough A skeletal hope Dust of desire Despair

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screen-shot-2016-11-13-at-16-38-25I'm a promise, an apology, a gift and a hope
Desired with bold colours, I reach towards the light
Helping to hide tears, hoping I find a true smile,
A beautiful, intoxicatingly simple delight
Accompanied frequently with a stroke of a pen
And embellished and glorified by ribbon & prose
I'm his tribute, his gesture, his hope and his love
I'm a glimpse of forgiveness, requited true love,
I am the rose, his rose
Your Rose

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