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There are clarifying moments
Synthetic synergies
With song lyrics
Film scripts
Or television series
Where characters
Shout your truth
There are bizarre moments

Energised empathies
With song writers, characters
Or moments in a scene
Where writers
Shout cut to your core
Sobering moments

Synthetic synergies
Lyrics, scripts
Even characters
Reflect your moment
Speaking your truth
Articulate where you lack
There are clarifying moments


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‪Don’t underestimate me‬ A seemingly a meek exterior‬ ‪I have a heart‬ But ‪I have a mind,‬ I have fire‬ ‪I care deeply‬ ‪A fighter. ‬ ‪I am.‬

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Morning drive

Cars choke awake A modern chariot Frozen in the night Forming clouds As their sleep thaws Fracturing ice As their day begins Headlights caress The hedgerows And imperfections On roads A knotted pathway Of diamond kissed Illumination

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Headlights tracking me,
A sort of rhythm,
But beating in silence;
Again, and again, and again, and again.

Speeding past, lightening,
Their moments are fleeting
Inimitably mimicking my memories;
Again, and again, and again.

Flying by, in a whisper, a wisp
Like my thoughts,  as I try to catch them
Partly Illuminated; like ghosts they glide;
Again and again.

Brightening every beat,
As they make silhouettes on my cheek,
I see all the imperfections of the glass,
Through which I wait for you;

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