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Not okay

It’s not okay to just grab us, Not okay to wade on in, To pace and parade across our path, With hard eyes and a lecherous grin. It’s not okay to run your hand down our backs, Not okay to pull our clothes. To laugh and taunt when we pull away, With your un-daunted hopes.…

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When the message comes from the shadow From the antithesis, from your fear, How do you respond? How do you fight the tears? When they’ve taken your voice and your hope By ignoring the plea and your tears How do you respond? And hide your fear? When they ignored your statement of “no” By taking…

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When I said no You heard a challenge Even though I told you Of my fear of the damage When I cried and left You saw a chance Even though I told you That I’m done with this dance When I said no With fear, unstable You abused your power Knowing I was vulnerable When…



A silence so heavy and hollow It can wrap it’s fingers around your heart Reaching through the inner shouts And tormented voices A silence so thick and empty It can wrap itself around your mind Reaching through to highlight the doubts And question all your choices The difference between lonely and alone Is that silence…

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Sometimes it’s the small things The beat The moment The suspension of attention When a screen is more interesting than you When the laugh is somehow disconnected The look is skips a beat and no longer lingers When the fondness is still there but distracted And those small things Combined with a name A glance…

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Bad timing

It was just bad timing As you always said it was When we fell, when we met When you left, I was bereft It was just bad timing As you always knew it was When we kissed, when we fell When I lost myself, heartbroken hell Bad timing Syncopated love Taken in stolen seconds Shared…

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Light turns dreams into Faded patchworks of fear and hope As the daylight approaches  Minds retreat from what the darkness wrote

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For all to see

Just an image that came to me when listening to Nightwish ‘Meadows of heaven’ and a poem that followed. Heartbreak cascaded through her, She saw it Black as night Was it just in her reflection? It was, she was sure, She wipes her eyes Frantic, afraid Her hands tremble As if her tears, tore through…

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Her love, her desire, her loneliness -
Unquestionably voracious -
A life in extremes.
The darkness;
Such a fight.
The highs;
Such delight.
In an empty world -
On an empty stage -
The moon illuminates her tears
As her mind races,
Her eyes darting veraciously
Through the solid darkness.
Her mouth forms words
Too timid to say.
But there's passion,
A hunger for hope;
A desire for something better,
In the moonlight,
Alone, lost, and scared,
But with hope,
And the beauty of the night,
She finds herself;
A voracious dreamer.

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A poem about being acutely aware of time, all the moments passing

It's a rhythm, a beat, a subtle intrusion,
It's permanent, present and an illusion.

Whether silent or shouting, time speaks in my tongue,
If you're watching or not it's a siren's song,
That calls and calls in cascaded clicks,
With dulcet tones if the hour permits.

Hypnotically absent, but every where in your mind
Unavoidable awareness of each moment in time.

The hands spin round drawing in my thoughts,
I feel him near, in this space of mine
Turning in my mind with barely a pause,
I can hear him always, Ol'father time.


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