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I didn’t want you to fix me I just wanted you  You held my hand through the initial storm Then far away your heart flew  I didn’t need you to mend  My tortured mind and fractured heart I just wanted to be greeted with your smile  And devinity at each day’s start

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Tongue tied

All those questions you always and never want to know  All those feelings you always and never want validated  All those answers you never yet always want to hear  All those things you never but always want to remember  Did you just get bored? Did I do something? Did you ever really love me? Did…

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Whilst I still have to see you  Every day Every moment  Will keep you  A  Ghost To Me Of what we were The happiness We  Had And how  You let me Feel Good enough  Thanks For taking that away  Too My heart My hope My love My self worth And my delight  I loved you…

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The dead of night

In the dead of night I miss you In the silences we share in those forced moments together Where circumstance meets desire In the dead of night I’m lost In the moments that were forced to share we delight And yet am burning with inferior fire In the dead of my eyes I’m living In…

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As it was

Everybody fooled Except the two who really care Caught in the lie Stumbling through synthetic days Playing the game Of as it was All too well. Too many words Caught in limbo Contorted between Unspoken & wished unsaid My consolation; We both play the game Of as it was All too well.

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‪When fears linger & crouch in shadows‬
‪Like devils in the fog‬
‪Knowing all it takes‬ is fractured light‬
‪To spring them from the dark‬

‪Needing courage to be blinking back burning tears
To step over your heart in the dust
Leave it behind for a future
You will yourself on because you must

But a white fear grasps at my senses as I look to tomorrow
Knowing you'll never be who you were entwines my thoughts with such sorrow

When fears linger & crouch in my thoughts
Like devils on the edge of intent
Uncertainty of you
Spins my syncopated hopes into descent

‪How can I move on‬‪ and say my goodbye‬s
‪When, so silently and abruptly you left‬
Being around you every day‬ through circumstance‬
Makes every minute and every hour a test‬

To shake up my world is so cruel when it's just about my heart
Hoping to find solid ground, an opportunity - still I'm sad to restart

I miss you. I love you.
And as always you entice and enchant

But I'll take fate by the hand and leave it all to chance
Fix my fractured heart with a new kind of dance

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Wondering why
Wondering how
And taking my time to consider

Wondering when
Wondering who
And watching my heartbreak wither

Considering options
Considering where
And thinking of future times

Considering what's lost
Considering the cost
Not regretting the time you were mine

Moving onwards
Moving out
And taking my heart with me

Moving to tears
Moving from fears
And taking hands with courage to see

Holding hands with fate
Holding hands with courage
And taking my time to move on

Holding hands with strength
Holding hands with history
And steps taken towards the past are gone

Grateful for time
Grateful for love
And grateful to be away from this grief

Grateful for you
Grateful for the past
But after all your games, I'm free

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The hills turn to clouds As they meet the horizon Mist obscures them With such poeticism As if mirroring My clouded thoughts The cold air Soothes my burning mind As each day I hope To leave your Choices Behind. A new day A step away And towards myself

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Hold tight

A poem about moving on when you’ve fallen in love with your best friend and you’re trying to hold on to an amicable break up. I’m shifting gear I’m taking a turn I’m moving on I’ll finally learn To push you away To walk into my space The love I have Needs its own place…

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I just didn't find the courage
I just couldn't find the words
I didn't have the notion
I couldn't foresee the hurt
Now I see you everyday
And we have to act like it's all okay

I just didn't understand it
I couldn't stop you fading
Now I see you every day
Both of us masquerading
Hiding behind excuses, it hurts
Each day I'm tripping over your words


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