Couldn’t hear

I saw the shape of your words as you spoke
But I couldn’t hear my cry
I felt the air change as you left
But I hadn’t heard goodbye

I saw the angst in your reddened eyes
But I couldn’t hear your words
I tripped over your words as you left
But I swear I just hadn’t heard

I saw your mouth form the phrases
We’ve all heard before
But I couldn’t hear your goodbye
As it pulled shut the door

I knew it in every fracture of my heart
I felt it in the air and in every breath…

I had seen the words and heard the sounds
But I couldn’t hear your goodbye as you left

Night drive

Headlights tracking me,
A sort of rhythm,
But beating in silence;
Again, and again, and again, and again.

Speeding past, lightening,
Their moments are fleeting
Inimitably mimicking my memories;
Again, and again, and again.

Flying by, in a whisper, a wisp
Like my thoughts,  as I try to catch them
Partly Illuminated; like ghosts they glide;
Again and again.

Brightening every beat,
As they make silhouettes on my cheek,
I see all the imperfections of the glass,
Through which I wait for you;