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Like splintered glass Your words pierce silence Pulling me back Abruptly comforting Transparently cutting Through noise, Thank you

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Double negative

I can’t not love you Just because  They say it’s better in the long run I can’t not feel comfort In your smile Just because our future’s gone  I can’t not feel empty  I remember it’s gone Just because you’ve moved on I can’t not love you Just because  I say it’s easier now that…

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Heart of Gold

“She’s got a heart of Gold” They say through their smiles “She’s got such a good heart” They say, delighted, in denial  For it’s what they don’t see That makes it truly shine It’s the shadows she keeps hidden That make her kindness devine  For the fractures and splinters  Of that self-same heart of Gold…

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By your leave

Sometimes it’s best to step back Step away Trip away  Remove yourself from the situation Sometimes it’s safer to hold back Trip away Step away Hold your tongue and unanswered questions  Sometimes it’s kinder to yourself to be cruel and bold Take your leave And by your leave Hold your searing pain and burning passions …

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The power of words Your words Presuming an absent presence Habitually echoing As I hope in vein Wishing  Willing them Not to exist

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So they say

It will all get better in time It’s helpful, it will heal It will all get better in time  So they say, but time steals It will give to solace and peace Give you hope, give you distance It is healthy to mourn and grieve So they say, they’re persistent It will all become your…

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When dust dances In the morning beams Landing on your frozen smile I’m grateful I knew you And we made our time  Worthwhile

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Whilst I still have to see you  Every day Every moment  Will keep you  A  Ghost To Me Of what we were The happiness We  Had And how  You let me Feel Good enough  Thanks For taking that away  Too My heart My hope My love My self worth And my delight  I loved you…

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The dead of night

In the dead of night I miss you In the silences we share in those forced moments together Where circumstance meets desire In the dead of night I’m lost In the moments that were forced to share we delight And yet am burning with inferior fire In the dead of my eyes I’m living In…

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