Tag: Moonlight

Her love, her desire, her loneliness -
Unquestionably voracious -
A life in extremes.
The darkness;
Such a fight.
The highs;
Such delight.
In an empty world -
On an empty stage -
The moon illuminates her tears
As her mind races,
Her eyes darting veraciously
Through the solid darkness.
Her mouth forms words
Too timid to say.
But there's passion,
A hunger for hope;
A desire for something better,
In the moonlight,
Alone, lost, and scared,
But with hope,
And the beauty of the night,
She finds herself;
A voracious dreamer.

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Lightening strikes and dances, Fractured clouds rolling through the night. Moonlit raindrops are kaleidoscopic, You are so beautiful in its light

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