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Light turns dreams into Faded patchworks of fear and hope As the daylight approaches  Minds retreat from what the darkness wrote

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As the dust dances In the wake of the morning I’m humbled by its  Tenderness As it lightly  Caresses the air Around my skin Ghostly

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Morning breaks the night Shards of colour in the light Spreading hope and inspiring delight In that brief moment there’s no fight Firey waves through clouds ignite It’s the morning, the day, a welcome sight

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Engines stirring & spluttering Snow shed like tears As they wear the white away And it retreats to the edges Of the waking world

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A crystallised world‬ Tentatively forgives each footstep‬ As they break through its blanket‬ Warey of the glazed puddles‬ Glistening‬

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Morning drive

Cars choke awake A modern chariot Frozen in the night Forming clouds As their sleep thaws Fracturing ice As their day begins Headlights caress The hedgerows And imperfections On roads A knotted pathway Of diamond kissed Illumination

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Skeletal hands claw at the blackened sky
As nature fights nature, tooth and nail
Leaves fly viciously, slicing the wind
As the beauty of Autumn turns pale
Roots slip and slide through concrete
Clutching at falling feet in the rain
The once crisp, crunchy carpet of leaves
Are sludge and their colour is drained
Welcoming winter with a grey-blue glow
Trees reaching for the fractures of light
The sun dully lights thunderous clouds
People bracing 'gainst the breeze with might
They now wade through the dregs that cling
The beauty of Autumn turned liar
In limbo of a colourless landscape
Tentatively aware of each moment
Stuttering through the overcast streets
Step the footsteps that once kicked fire

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The light shines through The daylight breaks The morning starts As you awake Does the sun lift your spirits Does the light awake wonders today Does the crisp cold air Take your bated breath away Hold on to that moment The sheer delight In a fraction of a second The whole world seems right It’s…

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