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Ghost’ed, before

Seeing people who don’t hear you Fading out as soon as other start to hit their stride Your heart beat deafening you With the agony of passing time Talking with a voice that won’t carry Dissolving into the air as soon as they’re formed Lungs as flighty as a hummingbird When you feel constricted and…

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When I can see the sun But not feel it on my skin When I can hear the music And my heart won’t tune in When I see your eyes alight But the tenderness is gone When I’m taking strides Pretending to be strong In it there’s despair as black as the night But in…

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Taking time by the hand She walks Looking to the future An Orpheus curse But despite her aching heart She never turns back

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Double negative

I can’t not love you Just because  They say it’s better in the long run I can’t not feel comfort In your smile Just because our future’s gone  I can’t not feel empty  I remember it’s gone Just because you’ve moved on I can’t not love you Just because  I say it’s easier now that…

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By your leave

Sometimes it’s best to step back Step away Trip away  Remove yourself from the situation Sometimes it’s safer to hold back Trip away Step away Hold your tongue and unanswered questions  Sometimes it’s kinder to yourself to be cruel and bold Take your leave And by your leave Hold your searing pain and burning passions …

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Time stands still, but the world rushes by She waits and wonders, no longer can she cry She pushes for time, she pulls back the world Longing for comfort as her fears unfurl She feels her mind race as her heart stops a beat Chasing the world, turning, her tumbling thoughts retreat She looks to…

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Sometimes to move forward You feel like you’re stepping back Sometimes this gives you the space To feel like you’re on the right track Sometimes stepping seems impossible You feel like you’re wading or trapped Sometimes try standing fast in this moment You may see something new in this gap Sometimes to stand is the…

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Day breaks

Realisation dawns As day breaks Like glass crashing to the floor An awakening of fractured thoughts But I take it in my stride I move on

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I just didn't find the courage
I just couldn't find the words
I didn't have the notion
I couldn't foresee the hurt
Now I see you everyday
And we have to act like it's all okay

I just didn't understand it
I couldn't stop you fading
Now I see you every day
Both of us masquerading
Hiding behind excuses, it hurts
Each day I'm tripping over your words


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