Ballad of Barry & Freda – Sketchnote

So I’ve been asked to do ‘The Ballad of Barry & Freda’ by the wonderful Victoria Wood.

Using the same of comic book/pop art style I used for my ‘Little Bo Peep’ illustration.

Started this yesterday with some pencil placeholders of the requested lyrics and moments from the song, and then filling in some pencil scribbles whilst listening to the song.

I’m not revisiting it with my lovely new Tombow pens.

Here’s the final print
An a link to the full project.


Josie x

Alphabet people : Sketchnoting #3

Christmas songs

I challenge myself to see how far through the alphabet I can get using words and a character of some description:

  • Within a certain time
  • Before I get stumped
  • Until I get to the end of the alphabet

As it’s now December, I thought it would be apt…

Only got to the letter ‘N’ this time, I think my particular fave is the Little Donkey.

This time I didn’t ghost any of the images, letters or spaces, just took pen to paper to see how far I could get.

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