Refreshing the #scribblersSoundtrack for 2017

So I’m refreshing the #scribblersSoundtrack

There is a basic Spotify widget  embedded for those who are interested in listening, also a list of all the songs so far; I will be chopping and changing the live playlist when it hits 120.

Enjoy folks, and please share your inspirational tracks too – Always interested in the music people use and love 🙂

Let me know in a comment or on twitter if you want them thrown into the mix.

Josie x


A quick bit of free writing falling its way onto my tiny phone keys as I travel

Somedays she feels lost
Sometimes she feels completely secure
Somedays there’s a cost
Somehow she will always endure
Some may see her and say she has less
Some are unaware how their thoughts oppress

She sometimes has no shadow
Some days she has no sense of being
She sometimes has no echo
Sometimes she has no way of seeing
Some may see this as a lesser thing
Some are unaware how her heart and mind sing

She feels so acutely, empathy is her curse
She can also feel nothing, nothing can be worse
More richness, more fear, more darkness, more light
More empathy, more despair but most of all more fight.


A poem to illustrate those moments where fading out is a comfort or freedom from anxiety, or when the everyday seems overwhelming

Enticing in its familiarity
Terrifying in its ferocity
Alluring in its predictability
Isolating in its contorted comfort

To tired to fight but a light, a flicker of something keeps her here
Unable to catch enough breath
Unaware of the world beyond her thoughts
Self-centred and alone in the thick darkness and heavy silences

It’s just wallpaper. It’s just an escape.

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