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A Spillwords Christmas

I’m delighted to be part of @Spill_Words #12DaysOfChristmas! With my new Christmas poem ‘My Christmas Present’  Along with (on Twitter) @ViktoriaNNK, @CrissTripp and @MaurizioRicciOF. Merry Christmas folks 🤓 Thanks for your continued support, you lovely lot!  Cheers, Josie x

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When the family gathers and the smiles start flowing
With the cold crisp air all eyes are glowing

When the air seems filled with festive tunes

And laughter hangs in the decorated rooms

Like gossamer threads in the frosty morn

Starlight glistens, they burn brighter than before
Telling tales of the moments gone, the unforgotten days

Are handprints ghosted on surfaces, gifts and doorways

A cliché; I know, but it's the small things I adore

At a time where we all notice and are more aware than before

Moonlight shines, it seems to be lit stronger

Illuminates the smallest glance to make it last longer
I'm not at one with my loss, my heart breaks in a heartbeat

But this holiday without them can be bitter-sweet

It's taken me years to accept those who can't be here each year

But with those who I have I have with no need to fear

That's what it means to me; what the festivities can give

Is everyone's permission to take the time to just live
Having this time with my loved ones I love and cherish time more

And make the most of who I'm with now, not who I lost before

Moments are deceiving as time dances away, it's okay

Kindness spreads like sun-kissed footsteps on a frozen day

Taking the time in its moment, not to forget, but push through

I can revel in misadventure... because I will have you
Sunlight bursts, dancing over everything

On days at home with you my heart's full enough to sing

Because my rose-tinted world, my delight in small things

Is my gift to myself before the new year begins

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