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I’m reminded by the bleak & the blank Of the sky As it starkly juxtaposes  The chaos Inside my heart Even after a storm There’s hope

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Rolling crumbs of the world,
Turning the delicate to drudgery,
Tumbling from beautiful to broken,
A turbulent tango of each element;
Eyes feasting delightedly on the dancing debris
Floating in the chopping, churning, ever changing wind

Churning leaves over leaves over leaves,
Falling fast are the stones and grit,
Fleeing from their place in the world,
Fumbling in free fall towards a new home;
Through the ripples of intermittent stillness,
Feverish in its ferocity, is the ever changing wind


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Darkness falls, My hope falters not under oppressive skies. Rolling thunder, in a deafening cry, My love for you – Cannot be denied

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