Tag: Sunlight

Morning light 

Waking up with a lightness in my mind, As I realise it’s only a matter of time. The sunlight breaks through the cracks, Seeking, tripping, pouring a delightful attack On darkness, it slices and tumbles in a dance. A complimentary juxtaposition, cutting silence, The dust swims between these realms, Like their dreams are fighting fears…

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Stoically standing beside herself, Judging and watching Unable to prevent the inevitable, Each move, moment and breath Her own conscience Feeling lost beside herself Seeing and hearing Not feeling, not changing a step Just the same. Every moment, every day, Just the same. Sitting and sliding through it The endless cycle Relentless, confusing but familiar…

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The light shines through The daylight breaks The morning starts As you awake Does the sun lift your spirits Does the light awake wonders today Does the crisp cold air Take your bated breath away Hold on to that moment The sheer delight In a fraction of a second The whole world seems right It’s…

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