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So unfamiliar with this feeling – It’s got no name, no colour, no sound, But it’s under my skin; Creeping, scratching, gnawing around. I see the way their entitlement lifts them, To do what they want with disregard, The paralysis of the trigger they’ve hit Without any intent, I’m completely disarmed; I can’t move to…

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Skip, breathe, leap

There’s a moment, an unquantifiable measure of sound, of time, of intention and of desire Where a heart-skip descends into a heart-break Or a heart-break lifts to a heart-skip; like fire. Take that ghostly uncertainty by the hand and be found, in that moment, that heart-beat, that breath Where first-love descends into love-lost Or love-lost…

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Sometimes there’s just no space to feel anything Other than what’s expected Go through the motions Do what’s predicted Don’t cause a fuss And stay unaffected. Sometimes I lament I prophesise and I long for, Just sometimes I feel it would be easier, If I could be gone for A heart beat or a moment…

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Sometimes the desire to run Takes over from everything you love The job, the family, the friends you have will be lost, unforgotten, loved and yet, gone As you acknowledge their kindness But fail to see, how settled in their love You can ever truly be I want to run I want to escape Because…

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In another life

You said, in another life, You said, if only 20 years ago, You said, you couldn’t because, And then, we carried on in our glow. You said, you could fall in love, You said, you wished you could give me everything you felt I deserved, And then, I watched you live You said, if only…

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Rain, reflected

The rain thunders lightly on the floor, With each tap-thud-drip my heart sinks some more The greyness and the thunder Like the beast inside my chest Pulling at the fractured shards Never stopping, he’ll never rest The rain reflects the light in each falling gem Like the flicker in my heart that I’ll be whole…

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The stories that spin Weaving, woven, wondering and repeat In the waiting in the silent din Whispers, words, wanting in defeat The habit of time Passing, pushing, parting and repeat With each tentative step of mine Tripping, treading, turning in defeat

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A Chance

It’s been hard to take, and hold two things as one Understanding that I’m hurt, yet my feelings for you are gone Not forgotten, not dead, not nothing, Just not breaking and twisting and turning. How can that be, that these two are okay, That it hurts like nothing else, that I lost you in…

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Not done yet

It’s been a while since I put pen to page Fighting the darkness on each step of the way I’m making ground and I’m forging on I’m feeling a heaviness but I’m willing it gone I don’t want to give in to the relentless hours But I can feel it pulling, swallowing desires Taking my…

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Morning light 

Waking up with a lightness in my mind, As I realise it’s only a matter of time. The sunlight breaks through the cracks, Seeking, tripping, pouring a delightful attack On darkness, it slices and tumbles in a dance. A complimentary juxtaposition, cutting silence, The dust swims between these realms, Like their dreams are fighting fears…

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